“We want to wait until the busy season to list our house” is a pretty normal comment we as realtors hear when it comes to selling homes. In our heads we are asking why though? Fall is a wonderful time to sell your home. Now, springtime may be the most popular season to put a house on the market but there is no reason to wait. Here is way:

1. There are more buyers

People are ready to buy homes any time of the year. During the spring there is a lot to choose from allowing buyers to be picky and choosy with the home they put an offer on. Therefore, extending there search and moving on. There will likely be fewer homes on the market meaning once an offer is put in it is serious.

2. Less Competition

With that being said, fewer homes on the market allows the competition to lower tremendously.

3. Different buyer demographics

Families make there move in the spring/summer when the market is busy. This being because of school changes which can be stressful. This causes millennials and an empty nester to steer clear of the chaos. They make there move later in the year. When the market is calm the closing process is smoother and quicker.


Preparing your home to list is very important. Here are 3 tips to make your home stand out over everybody else:

  • Step up the curb appeal! Fix the porch and rake the leaves.
  • Stage the space to where everyone can picture the home being theirs.
  • Get the photos taken when it is bright and sunny outside.