So you want to skip the agent commission part and sell your house on your own? It will save you so much money right? Wrong. Selling your home without an agent can go wrong in SO many ways.

1. FSBOs sell for way less

People simply do not understand market value like a realtor. Selling a home is a full-time job. Without the right price and effective marketing you will come out way less. 

2. Paperwork can be a NIGHTMARE!

Legal forms are needed in a transactions. But, which ones? Property disclosures, lead paint, contracts and the list goes on!

3. The seller is liable

People make mistakes in paperwork. Who is going to go behind that paper work and make sure that everything is worded properly? The attorney just closes the legal end of the deal. The don’t make sure you do not have to pay for a lot of small details that can cost you A LOT!

4. A bad deal

You can get stuck in a bad deal and have to pay your way out!

5. FSBOs spend more time on the market

Without the effecient marketing the property sits longer. The longer it sits….you guess it, the harder it is to sell!


Save yourself the time, money and STRESS and use a realtor to put extra money in your pocket after selling your home!